Detail of Chapter Two

Compiled Background References

2. Investigations into Individual Colours and Combinations

This chapter deals with comments about each colour individually, and various combinations of colours. The basic order I’ll use is that used by DK in his list on page 205 of LOM, (including related colour names), in the following order:

Blue, Indigo, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet.

Variant naming convention, exoteric and esoteric

Midnight blue sapphire

Royal blue sky blue

Emerald green Spring green

Sun yellow coronal glow

Fiery orange flame



2.1 Some references about all colours. Lists; synthesizing colours

2.2 Blue & Indigo – treated together, with Azure, Sapphire, Turquoise.

2.3 Green, including Emerald)

2.4 Yellow, including cream, butter, gold and golden.

2.5 Orange (and flame)

2.6 Red: including rose, reddish, ruddy, pink

2.7 Violet, including purple and lavender

2.8 Black, White, Silver, Gray

2.9 combinations – twos

2.10 combinations – threes

2.11 combinations – fours

2.12 other combinations

2.1. Various key Colour lists

Some colours (rays?) are considered “synthesizing”, in that they indicate perhaps a consciousness comprehensive of the planes encompassed ‘inside’ of its sphere of influence. In the following list, the colours (or rays?) could be considered to be synthesizing of the planes indicated. (Words in bold indicate direct reference, those in parenthesis indicate a best guess.)

The synthesizing colours.

(White or red? may synthesize 7 planes?)

Indigo Blue (synthesizes from logoic or monadic down?)

Green (synthesizes 5 worlds of human evolution)

(Yellow synthesizes buddhic worlds?)

Orange synthesizes 3 worlds of personality

(Rose synthesizes astral and physical?)

Violet synthesizes physical plane


Red, blue, and green are three colours of light

Red, blue, and yellow are three colours of matter

Light and absence of colour (7 paths out of SS)

what is colourless -- beyond colour.

Translucence, radiance?

Colours beyond comprehension


2.2 Indigo and Blues (analogous) and other blues

CORRELATIONS of references

at face value – not figuring blinds: References not included in table; check compilations.

Bolding used to indicate stronger links of more confidence;

[X] for exoteric, [S] for esoteric, and [T] for True or Hierarchical proposal


2nd [S] Light Blue and [X] Indigo

3rd Indigo; blue; Venus – philosophy

5th WEAK LINK to RAY: (“Direction of 5th Ray: … blue of heaven … a label in blue … build anew”)

6th Light Blue; Mars, Rose, Blue – necessity for an object; Direction of 6th Ray: in the far distance stood a Mountain Blue …; “6th ray is … taking with it all forms whose keynote is … sapphire will become scarce and the turquoise will lose its hue.

7th Clear blue; Jupiter (Esoteric Psychology reference)

NOTE: Strong references to rose and blue, in ray 6; other references to red and blue and ambiguity with blue being the major colour in this solar system thus of primary ‘logoic’ importance.


1st Logoic (colour of Solar Logos: “Blue Logos”, Solar Plane)

2nd Monadic (light Blue; Jupiter’s plane – soul principle in the head.)

4th “Blue or indigo dominates when the plane of harmony is reached.”

5th blue of higher manasic [X]; “Just as the green of the activity of Nature forms the basis of the love aspect, or the indigo vibration of this love system, so will it be found upon the mental plane.” – suggest green as concrete?)

6th Astral (light Blue; “blue devas on astral levels”)

7th “blue ethers” (Secret Doctrine); Auric envelop or “egg”


through ray or direct reference

Gemini (2nd Ray)

Leo (Sun [S]; 2nd Ray)

Virgo (2nd Hierarchy; 2nd and 6th Ray)

Pisces (2nd Ray; 6th Ray)






2nd or “Blue Solar System” [X]; Solar System is Blue (esoteric orange and green); Blue Logos; symbol embodies green swastika of 1st manifestation … adding concentric and interlaced circles in blue, in groups of three …; solar system is a vast blue lotus; Logos of our system is concentrating on the love or blue aspect.

Sirius (Blue Lodge; three degrees of Blue Lodge related to three major groups of lives on Sirius …)

Pleaides (“Silver Blue”; throat center) TCF 1274-5 … Master of the sacred Heart is He who builds a Path … great manasic orb … calling in the aid of points of blue. These emerge from the heart of one of the seven (Pleiades).

NOTE: “… in a peculiar and esoteric sense the sun Sirius and the Pleiades hold a close relation to each other … analogous to that which the lower mind holds to higher mind.” TCF, page 1258, Path IV, Path to Sirius (Orange/green? Or green/blue?)

Solar system – blue [X] “exoterically blue, esoterically orange and green”

“… triangles are in blue … the great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades.”

Sun [S], (True colour of the Sun is blue … used to be called the ‘eye of Jupiter’.)

Jupiter (Light Blue)

Venus (Indigo)

DAYS: Thursday (light blue); Friday (indigo)

Synthesizes entire 7 planes, and all of 2nd solar system; indigo ray the blending ray;





2nd Virgo, Divine Builders; Ether; Monadic Plane; numbers 7, II, 6; Jupiter; Burning Sons of Desire (astral vibration of solar logos; allied with Great Bear)

Path I: Earth Service: “… from the green to the heart of indigo …”

Path III: Training for Planetary Logoi: “five pointed star in a deep indigo shade … a blazing sun of a warm dark blue … transferred to inner round and from thence to the Jupiter scheme.

Path V: “Symbol … five balls of fire (blue fire) …”





Hierarchy (exponent of 2nd aspect, Love-Wisdom)

Egoic lotus:: 2nd petal blue; 3rd indigo; 5th blue, 6th indigo; 8th blue, 9th blue and indigo. [2, 5, 8, 9 = blue; 3, 6, 8 = indigo]

Head (Soul principle in the head; “consciousness in the head”; silence within the head where blue and gold meet; “way of escape”/doorway in head (Indigo)

Ajna (one half blue and purple; left eye, manas and ?etheric)

Throat (Silvery Blue, blue predominating)

Heart (“… picture it as a blue lotus”, more blue than golden)

Auric envelop or “egg”

Conscious-ness qualities





Love-Wisdom (blue-indigo)

DIVINITY and JOY: “Blue of Life Divine … healing and soothing.”; higher consciousness or divinity; a deep electric blue; vivid electric blue; radiant electric blue deep electric blue; living light, joy.

LOTUSES: Blue lotuses, heart lotus “more blue than yellow”; solar system is blue lotus.

INSPIRATIONAL: “blue of an inspiring contact”; blue … one-pointed zeal

SKY and SEA: “blue vault of heaven”; “dark blue vault of heaven”; true indigo is the blue of the vault of heaven on a moonless night. “… haze of blue. That blue protects”; “sea of blue”; “lake of blue water”; “quiet sea of midnight blue”; enveloping blue

MATTER & FORM: Indigo will absorb the others … it is the manifestation of the second aspect … the Form builder, that makes this solar system … the most concrete of the three major systems; “The Ram … leads us into the creative life of earth and into the darkness of matter. This is the blue of midnight; “darkness of soul, imprisoned within the form … a field of deepest blue”; “… the indigo sub-ray of the indigo Ray forms the path of least resistance from the heart of densest matter back again to the source.”

DOORWAY: disk of blue; heart of blue disk, small indigo disk, oval opening; point of dark blue electric light … esoteric “door of departure”; ”a centre or point of dark indigo blue – midnight blue … dark night, midnight hour, the zero hour … an opening, a door … a way of escape.”

WORDS: “First word contains the value numerical of the synthetic indigo … None have heard it save he who hath stood before the Prince of Doom, and hath seen darkness descend upon the fivefold sons of flesh. … Second word holds hid the number of the sacred blue. … third Word holds securely sealed the key to the outer blue. It contains the order for inversion.

EYE: Eye which is blue produces that which is intended with great facility; Eye of Shiva, when perfected, is blue; the triple group … the eye through which these Lotus Lords gaze outward is indigo … eye of middle group who look up is turquoise … eye of Lords of deep unmoving slumber gaze in through sapphire blue.

SERPENT: Lipika Lords nearest our Planetary Logos is “the Living Serpent” … serpent of blue.

FIRE – BLUE-WHITE: “cold blue light”; “clear blue flame”; “blue-white flame, burns but destroys not”; “Concealed at the very centre or heart of the lotus is a brilliant point of electric fire of a blue white hue (the jewel in the lotus).”

Major references, key notes, paradoxes and questions:

c. The true colour of the sun is blue. (S.D. III. 461.)

The colours of the symbol have blue and indigo and gold dominant.

Blue is clear stated as eXoterically the colour for the sun and for the higher mind.

Indigo/purple is given as the eXoteric colour for the 2nd ray; light blue as eSoteric.


In general then, we can relate blue-indigo primarily to 2, to love-wisdom, to the jewel, the monad.

The interesting connection is to Ray 6, why light blue. Sky blue can literally be considered inspirational, devotional, the colour of the sky. The colour of water, relates blue to the astral plane, where it is put in counterpoint with rose, or red.

As the pl is working on the astral plane, perhaps this is why the ‘direct reflection’ of the blue logos, of the monadic realm, is to the astral.

Two and Six are the primary colours in alliance in this 2nd ss. The 4th plane as well, is it yellow, violet, or blue –

2, 4, and 6 are all blue …, and are given primary place (resonant to 1 energy) because of our focus in the soul, or 2nd aspect ss.

The primary natural analogy to keep in mind is that of the sky, day light blue, and indigo and night. The light blue (esoteric Ray 2), the illusory forms are prominent. Ray 2 takes us into the depth of matter. Capricorn quotes … indigo absorbs like the night sky, and all forms are obliterated from sight. There is no possibility for vision in true absorbing indigo – certainly no ‘colour vision’ of the various phenomenon of the world.

Path 5, the mental plane, the sons of mind, the linking of the blues with the yellow and orange, this again is the note of this 2nd aspect solar system, of the soul, of the middle principle, of consciousness in relation to form.

Green of the first ss,

to indigo – the exoteric colour of this system –

to blue – the esoteric colour, when we can see in the light of Day

to red of the next,

Parallel to

Green of the personality, the intelligence of nature – the true middle principle in the spectrum

to indigo of the lords of flame, the solar angels bringing consciousness

becoming blue of the blue logos, the sons of men become conscious, refining the bodies –

the actual fall of consciousness into the depths of matter – a fall, failure of compassion, clear cold light

to red of the monad, the HOT burning

These are all BLUE

Venus hesperus and Venus Lucifer

Jupiter the lord of compassion, the beneficent, the second Sun

Solar Logos Himself

Gemini, Virgo, Pisces – all the love and compassion – plus Leo, esoterically, he who comes to redeem


2.3 Green


(“Ref” will link to reference; “BIG” will refer to “Best Intuitive Guess”:

using X for exoteric, S for esoteric, and T for True or Hierarchical proposal.)



4th Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Astrology


3rd (“Green of atma” [X])

5th (“higher manas expressing activity or intelligence aspect”; “two great devas belonging to the green group on mental levels.”; “… subsidiary rays d. Orange, e. Green, f. Violet.”; in regards 4th ray: kama-manas.)


(only if through rays or direct reference, planets assisting.)

Cancer (3rd Ray)

Libra (3rd Ray, Venus and Saturn)

Capricorn (3rd Ray, and Saturn); “The Goat … need for green”.

Mutable cross and fixed cross “… we have the so-called green ray, … Capricorn is an earth sign … third and fifth rays work … preeminently through this sign … these pour through Capricorn to Saturn and to Venus and so reach … Earth.”

Cosmic and


1st, 3rd aspect Solar System (“Indigo-green is the basis of the activity of Nature, synthetic colour for system 1, and is the foundation for the present manifested system.”; “… symbols … swastika of ten arms … radiant green colour.”)

2nd solar system [S], “esoteric green and orange”

Four are the colours secondary in the cycle of discrimination … green for vivification.

Saturn (3rd Ray; [X] “In the potency of Green we have … Saturn. Esoterically speaking … the vegetable kingdom is … advanced, thus Saturn and Mars are active … prevalence of red, rose, yellow and orange in the flowers.”) !

Earth (3rd Ray) supposing [T]

Venus (“… holding a trident of fire surmounted by five green emeralds”) supposing [S]

DAY: Saturday

Green synthesizes 5 lower worlds, atma and below. [X]





3rd, Libra, Lesser Builders

1st Kumara, Pisces, 3rd Ray (“ … a ball of green fire with three rays of rose”)

2nd Kumara, Aries – symbolic only, “A sphere, divided by a Tau, in colours green and silver. 4th Ray)

all 5 liberated hierarchies – the 5 Kumaras: “… symbol … signifies gains [of] System One … a bird of green and gold plumage with five wings outspread.“

2nd Kingdom; Vegetable

all Devic Hierarchies

“Green is the basis of the activity of Nature … synthetic colour for system 1 … foundation for presented manifested system … note of Nature is green … great ray for the devic evolution”; “green devas of vegetable kingdom … protectors of vegetable ;plant life … builders of the vegetable kingdom”; lowest type of evolutionary devas are violet, next come the green, last the white.)

Path I: of Earth Service: “wise-compassion … constellation of the Dragon, via Libra … green dragon.” … one scale veiled in fire of vivid green … From the green into the heart of indigo.” 6th hierarchy; Virgo?

Planetary & Human centers:

Humanity (exponent of 3rd aspect, Active Intelligence)

Human principle: lower mind (3rd ray)

Instrument of sensation: centres up spine (3rd ray)

Egoic lotus; petals 1, 4, 7

Throat (Saturn, 3rd center)

Heart (green in spectral order; “green has a definite effect upon the heart and life streams”.)

Solar plexus (“rosy with an admixture of green”)

Consciousness qualities/words associated:


HEALING: “Green stimulates and heals.”;

NATURE: matter, mother earth, vegetable kingdom,

CHALICE: “… lower chalice … colour dark or somber … Chalice the second rises from out the lower sheath as does the flower from out the calix green. Of colour rose it is …” Agni Yoga: “Two contrasts are emerald and ruby. The first is synthesis … Green is nearer to the Chalice”

Secret Doctrine: Osiris, Aditi, divine Sophia, mother of the seven sons, the Great Green One.

All about green having to do with nature, intelligence, chalice, matter

Vegetable kingdom, devic kingdom

The colour from which we all sprang

the ‘middle principle’ in the spectrum – intelligence, the basis for evolution …

atma, the king of the 5 worlds – Green is the 1st system, representing the 3rd aspect.

3rd ray, Saturn, karma, the material which we owe our due and through which we must ‘blue’,

Blue the green – this is the injunction for this time, or for anyone becoming soul infused.

Blue green, turquoise/cyan – this is the sacred colour.

Green dragons and red dragons

Green as blind for red – green as actually indicative of 1 –

Green being primary, growth, highly evolved due to relation to vegetable kingdom, Varuna …


2.4 Yellow, Cream and Butter-coloured



2nd (Esoteric Psychology charts: Love/Wisdom)

3rd (Sometimes given instead of Green)

4th ([S]; [X] cream); “in the second system of love you have the love aspect demonstrating through the yellow of the ray of harmony or beauty.”

5th ([X]; [S] Indigo); “Direction of Ray 5; key of pure gold.”


4th Buddhic often referred to as [X] yellow; “Why is buddhi exoterically regarded as yellow?”; “Buddhi and Mercury correspond with each other and both are yellow and radiant golden-coloured.”

5th (reference Esoteric Psychology, lower mental plane; higher mind. White and gold devas work on mental levels.


(only if through rays or direct reference)

Gemini (2nd Ray)

Taurus (4th Ray) “Golden eye of Taurus”

Leo (Sun [X]; 5th Ray)

Libra (3rd Ray)

Scorpio (4th Ray; Mercury)

Sagittarius (4th and 5th Rays)

Capricorn (3rd Ray)

Aquarius (5th Ray)

Pisces (2nd Ray)

Cosmic and


1st, 3rd aspect Solar System”

2nd solar system: “in the second system of love you have the love aspect demonstrating through the yellow of the ray of harmony or beauty.”

“… Love of deity reaches our solar system primarily through gemini … with GB and Pleaiades forms a Cosmic triangle, this is the triangle of the cosmic Christ, the esoteric symbol behind the cosmic cross. .. ever the triangle behind the fourfold phenomenon … “Upon the golden triangle the cosmic Christ appeared …”; “the stars are related to states of consciousness, and … triangles related to spirit and synthesis … 5-pointed star is depicted yellow or golden; the triangles are blue

Four are the colours secondary in the cycle of discrimination … yellow the band that cometh …

Sun (4th Order System)

Mercury (“Sons of aspiration or Points of Yellow Life”, “golden-coloured Mercury”, 4th Ray)

Venus (5th Ray)

Saturn (3rd Ray)

Earth (3rd Ray)







2nd Kumara, Aries, 4th Ray

1st Hierarchy, Leo

4th Hierarchy, Scorpio

Symbol of 5 liberated hierarchies/Kumaras: “bird of green and gold plumage with 5 wings outspread”.

Kingdom of the souls; secret of the golden rose of light

“tones of yellow and orange; and the mental calibre … influence of 4th ray … and 5th ray, synonymous to merging of intuition and intellect, have definite effect upon vegetable kingdom and human aura, yellow-orange shines forth in both.”

Human secret: twisted golden cord with seven knots

Mineral kingdom: gold and silver are mineral manifestation of the second aspect.

Law of Sacrifice: “the thread … golden oone of group love, group understanding, group relations, group conduct. Symbol: A rosy cross with a golden bird”

Ray Path: “energies are 5 in number and their major hue is gold.”

Planetary & Human centers:

Humanity (exponent of 3rd aspect, Active Intelligence)

NGWS: symbol is a golden triangle …

Monad – Correspondence of the yellow of buddhi to the synthetic blue or indigo of the second aspect of the Monad.

Egoic lotus: petal 3, 6, and all sacrifice petals (lemon yellow) 7, 8, 9

Etheric body: golden energy, light of love, golden prana; golden bowl; “golden light of cosmic intermediary” or universal ether; flame-coloured vehicle.

Head, Foremost head centre

Ajna, “one half yellow and rose – right eye of buddhi”)


Solar Plexus


Spine “Golden rod of power”

Consciousness qualities/words associated:

SUN, LIGHT and LOVE: Golden light of illumination, buddhi-manas, golden light of love; “true spiritual sun hidden by a disk of golden light; Gold of living love

HEART, LOTUS; EGG; FRUIT: yellow lotus, field of lotuses. Golden lotus of the heart, golden lotus of the soul, golden egg of universe; golden egg of His thought … golden fruit, golden apple; golden womb of the Absolute; golden ring

DOORWAYS, PATHWAYS, GATES: golden portal, golden pathway, golden way to god, golden doorway, thread of gold, golden bridge, golden stairs, golden cables, golden links, golden thread of group love

HARVEST: Yellow of autumn, of harvest, marks completion and fruition, such times of perishing are acts of the destroyer aspect.

BIRDS; DRAGONS: Golden Dragon … the primordial Logos or Brahma, first manifested creative power. Yellow Dragon – chief of all the others. Secret Doctrine: gold bird; golden hawk (Sun and Osiris); Golden horn of Unicorn;

MAN: Divine golden-man. Third root race; Yellow races form the bulk of humanity. Yellow qualifies the first race; golden yellow race (the Fourth)

Vigilence is Yellow; Agni Yoga

imagine yourselves as bathed in a vivid butter-coloured living light which is pouring

through the open

window ... p. 73, Dina II

Gold  (see paper on gold)

The coming avatar comes through gates of gold.


2.5 Orange and Flame


(using X for exoteric, S for esoteric, and T for True or Hierarchical proposal.)


1 (X) Esoteric Psychology/Secret Doctrine. “Orange ball of one-pointed purpose.”

5 (Orange -- as 5th Ray? -- worked with 3rd in 1st solar system;)


1 Logoic Plane (Esoteric Psychology) and through 1st Ray and 1st Hierarchy,

5th (“Orange of mental plane”; lower manas in particular; “direct connection with man as an intelligence … custodian of fifth principle of manas; “orange holds the secret for the sons of mind”; “This colour is for our purpose the colour of the mental plane … epitomises separation.”


(only if through rays or direct reference)

Aries (1st Ray)

Leo (1st and 5th Ray)

Sagittarius (5th Ray)

Capricorn (1st Ray)

Aquarius (5th Ray)

Uranus (representing Sun) Ray 1

Cosmic and


Strong colour in 1st, 3rd aspect Solar System”

2nd solar system, [S] orange and green, [X] blue

Sun ([X] Ray 1 colour)

Venus (5th Ray)

Synthesizes three lower worlds

Four are the colours secondary in the cycle of discrimination … orange the cloud that hideth …



& paths

1st, Leo, Divine Flames “Lions, the divine and tawny orange Flames”

Preponderance of orange and rose … secret of two kumaras who fell

Path IV: Path to sirius … symbol, two wheels of electric fire around an orange Cross, with an emerald at the center.

Planetary & Human centers:

Shamballa (1st Ray)

Egoic lotus: ALL petals; Knowledge petals primary, and; “ predominant orange hue … early stages orange has a dead aspect. … petals fully unfolded … orange now of a gorgeous translucense.”

Mental vehicle; “Colours in the three bodies .. orange of the mental.” “tones of yellow and orange; and the mental calibre … influence of 4th ray … and 5th ray, synonymous to merging of intuition and intellect, have definite effect upon vegetable kingdom and human aura, yellow-orange shines forth in both.”

Head: Vital airs in skull (Ray 1 [X] colour); “orange lights in room of dying … aids focusing in the head”

Etheric “Orange stimulates the etheric body … removes congestion and increases flow of prana. (Esoteric Psychology) “Prana or life vitality”

Ajna (5th center, synthesizer of personality)

Solar Plexus (5th center)

Base (“radiate with orange fire”) Ray 1=light of kundalini

Consciousness qualities/words associated:

“Exoteric orange is a blend of yellow and red; esoteric orange is a purer yellow, and the red scarcely is seen at all.”

Burning sea of flame


2.6 Red, Silvery Rose, Pink



1 [S] red

2nd (Reference Esoteric Psychology, Mercury, Yellow and Rose)

6 [X] red [S] silvery rose; “rose and blue”


6 “Rose and blue devas of astral plane”; “upon astral plane, the rose of affection and of friendly feeling”; astral or emotional plane, desire plane.


(only if through rays or direct reference)

3rd or 1st aspect, “Power” solar system

Great Bear (1st Ray)

2nd Path and “law of sacrifice … vortex of astral life … triangle of force in shades of varying rose … as through an open door, He sends potency of love into our planet. Path of Magnetic Work … to Heart of Sun, to cosmic Mental, passing through and pauing on cosmic astral plane … this second path.

Cosmic and


Aries (1st Ray and Mars)

Leo (Sun [X]; 5th Ray)

Virgo (6th Ray)

Sagittarius (6th Ray)

Pisces (6th Ray)

Mercury “yellow and rose”

Mars “Graduates of ruddy fire … clothed in red robes, work under first aspect logoic, lines of the destroyer.” “rose and blue, ray 6, Mars”; “Mars as you know is red, corresponds to blood stream, passion, anger, opposition.




6th, Lunar Lords

6th Ray Kumara, Gemini

Preponderance of orange and rose … secret of two kumaras who fell

1st Pisces Hierarchy: ball of green fire with three rays of rose

4th Gemini Hierarchy: two stars of vivid rose linked by band of violet.

Law 1: Rosy cross with a golden bird

Law 6: Flaming rosy sun with sign symbolizing union of fire and water … and hieroglyphic gives clue to earth sign and keynote to physical body of planetary logos.

Path 1: “Earth service … one scale hides behind a screen of red … “left hand side.

Path 2: “most elementary and exoteric symbols … five fold star mounts towards flaming sun of predominantly rosy hue.”

1 Purpose of deity: robe of blue veils eternal purpose, in rising an setting sun, orb of red is seen.

5th purpose of Deity: burning ground … drop within the rose-red centre the nature that retards; purification by fire.

6th Purpose of deity: Why is desire red, red as blood, why is way red with blood?

Planetary & Human centers:

Shamballa (exponent of 1st aspect)

Egoic lotus: 2nd petal, all love petals and all sacrifice petals.

Astral vehicle: “glamour of highest level of astral plane, glamour of rose of aspiration as it pours through solar plexus and not heart”; “rose will vitalise the astral counterpart of the heart center, both in the spine and head center, first ray type needs rose of attachment.” “deep and vibrant rose … stimulate the astral aura”. “… dark and lurid reds in emotional body”

Ajna: one half rose and yellow – right eye (astral/buddhi)

Throat (Certain of the qualities of the sun are the qualities of the centres. quality of throat centre is red light) “higher reflection of [S] 6th ray); “light is warm and red … it pierces the third centre and removes all glamour and desire …


Solar Plexus “colour rosy with green”

Sacral center (Esoteric Psychology [S] 6th ray seated in sacral center, higher reflection in throat.)

Base; kundalini

Consciousness qualities/words associated:

DESIRE: “way of red desire”, “red of known desire; red is difficult to consider, considered undesirable, considered colour of kama or evil desire; red of greed and anger; “The Chalice rosy red shines the inner glow, til the red of earth desire becomes the glow of heaven’s fire, all is lost save aspiration that shades not the cup with karmic colour.”

DEVOTION: “rose is colour of devotion”; “pure rose of spiritual devotion”; “astral plane … angels of devotion in whom divine love is pre-eminent work with astral bodies, guard sanctuaries of churches …”

LIFE/BLOOD/FIRE: Red of Blood, red life; “dull red glow within heart of mother … altar glows, red at the centre. Blood, red and white corpuscles; through “pouring out water which is the colour red there is eventuating a liberation …” (animal kingdom); Burning ground of fiery red

“ four angelic … orange they are but veiled in rosy light”

AGNI REFERENCE’s: “red flame of revolt”; “red banners”; “pink can bring relief the blue”; “pink rays flashed out and a prepared uprising of an entire nation died down; “ruby-like arrows will pierce blue of consciousness”; “Great Hierophant pointing out chalice with red beverage … drink, empty it to see mystery on bottom”; “noble ruby colour … self sacrifice of attainment … ruby nearer to the eye of Brahma.”

Secret Doctrine; “Red Sea of Death”; “red-haired monsters”; “the third red”; “Adam is red, and so Brahma-Virah and Mars; water is the blood of earth; all these names with earth and water, first men, shedding of blood; “great red Dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads whose tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to earth.” “Great Red Dragon … Serpent, etc, all refer to adepts and initiates, who became the first race … prometheus.” “Red and blue races … rudra as a Kumara, is Lilalohita, red and blue; Siva the root Kumara, from moon-coloured,white, in his next transformation he is red (exoteric version differs from esoteric teaching)”; “Michael and the red Dragon” “Python the red dragon connects apollo with Michael, also is porphyrion, the scarlet or red Titan”; “samael or Satan, the seducing Serpent, one of the primeval angels who rebelled, is the Red Dragon, the Angel of Death, he and satan are the same, kille by Michael, and by St. George, the Dragon Slayer.”; “Red Fiery Dragon the Lord of Phosphorus and Lucifer or Light-bearer is in us, it is our Mind, the emanation of the essence of the divine principle Mahat (intelligence).

Relation of 6th Ray, 6th chain, red, and 1st ray is highlighted in the 6th school. Note that the 6th globe of the Venus chain could likely be red, and its lines of force touch the 2nd, 4th, and 5th globes of the earth chain. – as MIND, satan and lucifer – cannot green and red be the same? Green of higher mind, red of lucifer/Venus.


2.7 Violet, Lavenders and Purples



2: [X] eso psych ref, “Indigo with tinge of purple …”

5: esoteric psychology reference, “etheric body, lower mind, the moon, Violet”

7: [X] “… the violet ray, the Seventh or Ceremonial Ray.” “[the seventh, the violet ray] … a synthetic ray when manifested in the three worlds.” “… the coming in of the violet ray, the seventh ray being one of the three major rays in this round … ration to the 4, on the 4, under the 4.”

7: [S] eso psych ref: violet


Buddhic: The buddhic plane is peculiarly the plane of violet, even though all colours find their place there, the Lord … Who embodies the violet ray or hierarchy, has a special relationship to the buddhic plane.”; “Is the colouring of the 4th physical ether/buddhic plane blue, or is it violet to correspond with our fouth physical ether.? … buddhi exoterically is regarded as yellow

7th Etheric/Physical: “It the ether which the violet ray uses as a medium.”


(only if through rays or direct reference)

Aries (7th Ray)

Cancer (7th Ray)

Libra (7th Ray)


Cosmic and


Cosmic Physical Plane

Etheric Physical Plane

Uranus (“7th, School of Magic of 10th order … Planet of the violet force … cosmic etheric prana”)

Jupiter (Purple opulence)

Moon (7th plane)



7th , Aquarius, Elemental Lives

7th Kumara, Cancer

Planetary & Human centers:

Egoic lotus: petals 1, 4, 7 and 8.

Etheric/Physical body: “strengthening of etheric web will be aided by violet light, with corresponding sound.” “Violet of the physical as expressed by the etheric.” “It is the ether which the violet ray uses as a medium. (Correspondence of “Violet of etheric and blue of higher mental” ,“etheric responds most violently to the colour violet” (contradistinction to psychological studies where it is calming to people in violet rooms.)

Ajna (one half purple and blue)

Throat “… colour applied at night to key up throat … violet.” (suggests [s] of third or manas).

Base (7th center)

Consciousness qualities/words associated:

Purple [X] of [S] blue;

[S] White: “Esoterically violet is white”. (AND, white is esoterically violet – reciprocal relationship.)

Magic, etheric, devic

NEW AGE: “The group of violet angels or devas who work on the four etheric levels will be especially active …”;

The CHURCH and Master Jesus “with Him the groups of violet angels cooperate” … “violet devas working temporarily under the Lord Maitreya.”

HEALING: “violet light in lessening human ills and curing … sicknesses which originate in the etheric body.”

Ray of Violet, the great note G

Pur/violet is physical to golden bowl is etheric to blue of higher mental

Violet [x] of physical to gold-white/yellow of [s] etheric to [t] blue

Violet, yellow, and blue …

Etheric as yellow corresponds to [x] buddhic;

violet is [s] buddhic? Or blue … ?


buddhic = yellow violet white

higher manas = blue green

lower manas = orange red

astral = red orange blue

etheric = violet blue gold/yellow

physical =


2.8 Black, White, Silver

The Silver Thread, and regarding the Pleiades:

“All of these were the expression of divine energy as it poured into his mechanism,

via the silver thread of divine potency.”

p. 479, Esoteric Astrology

The 7th law of the 7 laws of group work has the male figure holding a tray of silver, “a

great reflector”.




This section deals with major colour combinations, from those in pairs, to threes, fours, etc.

2.9 Two’s

The complementaries or opposites.

Red & green

Red & orange

Blue two’s

Blue and another colour

Throat centre, silvery blue, the blue predominating.

2.9.1 Blue and Indigo

“Relationship of indigo, blue and yellow lies hid a secret”. LOM 220

2.9.2 Blue/indigo and green –

Only two we are sure of esoteric colour

“Blue to the green is added and completion quick is seen. The vibration of the third is added to the one.” (tcf, 24)

2.9.3 Blue/indigo and yellow/gold:

“PATH V. The Ray Path: The Adjuster holds the balances, and the scales are duly set … The energies converge … five in number and their major hue is gold. … Three great Words are spoken by the Adjuster … The first Word contains the value numerical of the synthetic indigo. … This dual Word buildeth a wall which surroundeth the Son of Man whose lips are dumb. It holdeth Him secure until the Word is spoken which will unseal the fount of speech. … When the Silent One within the wall seeth the Ray approach, when He changeth the key of the earlier spoken Word, the disruption of the wall is seen and a door openeth before Him. The second Word holds hid the number of the sacred blue. … He struggleth for speech … he utters the four deep sounds which cause the scale again to drop … The third Word holds securely sealed the key to the outer blue. It contains the order for inversion …” page 1276-1277, TCF

In the 5th direction of the Law of Repulse, the 4th Law of the 7 laws of group life:

“Through the opening on the summit of the pyramid, dropped from the blue of heaven, a key came down. It landed at the feet of the discouraged worker. The key was of pure gold; the shaft of light; upon the key a label, and writ in blue, these words: 'Destroy that which thou has built and build anew. But only build when thou has climbed the upward way, traversed the gallery of tribulation and entered [Page 170] into light within the chamber of the king. Build from the heights, and thus shew

forth the value of the depths.' p. 169-170, EPII

“1. Withdraw your outgoing consciousness from the periphery to the point of silence within the head, to the place where the "gold and the blue meet, blend and merge.’” p. 421, DINA I

TWM, p 354, About souls “in more advanced work in smaller groups. They idealize more and are the thinkers and leaders of social reform … the higher devas guide them, the blue and yellow devas …”


2.9.4 Blue/indigo and Orange:

“Orange and blue in some more distant time will blended be …” DINA p. 675., and TWM, page 468/9, “a folded lotus flower, close petalled, but bathed in cold blue light. Orange and blue in …

“The vibration of the third is added to the one. Blue to the orange blends, and in their wise admixture is seen the stable scheme.” (TCF, 24)

Orange may be called blue, LOM p. 207.

c. Orange, which is the complementary to blue and which has direct connection with man as an intelligence. He is the custodian of the fifth principle of manas in its relation to the totality of the personality. LOM p. 208

p. 163 EP I, Ray III: Venus “indigo, blue, bronze”

2.9.5 blue/indigo and red/rose/pink/ruby –

“… the stone, translucent now and unalloyed, of colour rose and blue …TCF, p. 16

“ TCF, p. 22, Riseth the cave of beauty rare, of colour irridescent. Thineth the walls with azure tint, bathed in the light of rose. The blending shade of blue irradiates the whole and all is merged in gleeming.

Ep I, page 163, Ray VI, Mars, Rose and Blue

Agni Yoga, V 89: the pink [aura] can bring into relief the blue. In such complements are contained currents of special intensity.

The following gives insight into the initiatory process, moving from warmth to coldness, from red to blue. Especially note the final segment, where the relationship of flame (orange) and blue seems to suggest the literalness of these opposite colours being a ‘blind’. "The light is seen, a tiny point of piercing light. This light is warm and red. It nearer draws as it reveals the things that are, the things which may be. It pierces the third centre and removes all glamour and desire.

"A light is seen through the medium of the lower light—a light of warmth and heat. It pierces to the heart and in that light all forms are seen pervaded by a glowing light. The world of lighted forms is now perceived, linked each to each by light. This light is blue, and flaming is its nature. Between the warm and reddish light and this clear light there burns a glow of flame—a flame which must be entered, ere the light of blue is entered and is used.” p. 538, R&I

p. 354, TWM, about souls working only in mass formation, banded together by common aspiration, the majority of Christians in the churches … aided by devas of rose and blue.

p. 768, R&I, “Blue does it [Chalice the third] appear and blends with the rose … “

“One of the four Lipika Lords … ‘the living serpent’ and his emblem is a serpent of blue with one eye, in the form of a ruby.” TCF 893

“… the eye which is blue in colour, and the eye which sees not red, when open, produce that which is intended with great facility.” TCF 1007

regarding 1st purpose of Deity, “His robe of blue … in the rising and the setting sun his orb of red is seen. EP, I, page 63.

SD II, page 192, “the divine Kings sturck the culprits with sterility. They destroyed the Red and Blue Races … there were blue and red-faced men … Rudra, as a Kumara, is … red and blue.

Agni Yoga v, 515: 515. How can the blue fire be transmuted into purple? The tension of psychic energy will send out ruby-like arrows, and their growth will pierce the blue of consciousness.

TCF, page 495: “…the difference between the sapphire and the ruby … not until the fourth ether is controlled”.

2.9.6 blue/indigo and violet/purple

Blue and Violet

(transmute violet of etheric with blue of higher mental; blue flowers are outgoing, violet flowers incoming)

colour of ajna center;

exo and eso colour of Ray 2

(lom 227) “direct correspondence between … violet of etheric and blue of higher mental”

TCF, page 129 & 132, and EH, page 421

The withdrawal of the etheric double of a man, a planet, and a system is brought about by the following causes: d. By the transmutation of the violet into the blue. This we cannot enlarge on. We simply make the statement, and leave its working out to those students whose karma permits and whose intuition suffices.

EP I, page 121: “…blue ray of devotion passes now into the violet of what we term the ceremonial ray”

EP I, page 418, Ray II, Jupiter “exoteric indigo with a tinge of purple, esoteric, light blue”

Agni Yoga v, 515: 515. How can the blue fire be transmuted into purple? The tension of psychic energy will send out ruby-like arrows, and their growth will pierce the blue of consciousness.

2.10 Green and other combinations

2.10.1 Green and yellow/gold

2.10.2 Green and Orange

2.10.3 Green and Rose/Red

2.10.4 Green and Violet/Purple

Relationship of 3 and 7, Saturn is 3 and 7th in the solar septenary, Saturn is 3rd in the Earth Scheme, Jupiter is 7th. Jupiter often associated with 7 and violet, Saturn most often associated with green. Three and seven, with five – Mercury - are the inner three globes in the earth chain. This quote illustrates the violet and green devas, who have come in from another planetary scheme. The number for the deva evolution is 6, and so perhaps the Jupiter Scheme is suggested. In the Earth chain, Jupiter is given as the 7th chain, and 7 is also one of the inner three of the earth chain.

“There is another group of devas about which much may not as yet be communicated. They have come in from another planetary scheme, and are specialists in their particular line. They have attained, or passed through, the human kingdom, and are of equal rank with certain members of the Hierarchy, having chosen to stay and work in connection with the physical plane evolution. They are not many in number, being only twelve. Four work in the violet group, five in the green group, and two in the white, with a presiding officer of rank equal to a Chohan.” p. 914, TCF

Complicating this, it appear in TWM that these could be the lowest type of devas: “1. The lowest types of devas or builders on the evolutionary Path are violet devas; next come the green, and, last of all, the white devas. These are all dominated by a fourth and special group. These control the exoteric processes of physical plane existence.” p. 389, TWM

Agni Yoga V 89, … the purple aura is not averse to the green. … in such complements are contained currents of special intensity.

2.11 Yellow or gold in combination with another colour

2.11.1 Yellow/gold and orange

2.11.2 Yellow/gold and rose

Yellow and Rose

“Preserve your meditation as hitherto, but change the colour of your field of lotuses from yellow to a deep and vibrant rose. This will serve to stimulate the astral aura.” p. 387, DINA I

2.11.3 yellow/gold and violet/purple

2.12 Orange in combination with another colour

2.12.1 Orange and rose

2.12.2 Orange and violet

2.13 red/rose in combination with another colour

2.13.1 red/rose and violet/purple

Red and White

“As the blood system, with its two types of channels (arteries and veins) and its two types of builders (the red and the white corpuscles), is studied from the occult standpoint, much will be ascertained of a revolutionary nature.” p. 901, TCF

“When there are a sufficient number of people who are in conscious touch with their souls, then the sheer weight of their numbers, plus the clarity of their intentions and their widespread distribution over the face of the earth, must necessarily become effective. These people will then bring about changes of such far-reaching importance that the culture of the future will be as far removed from ours today, as ours in its turn is removed from that of the red Indians who roamed for centuries over the

American continent and of whose possessions the white race took charge.” p. 705, EPII

Red and Black


2.14 Some Threes

In any of these correspondences, one can be likened to A, one to U, one to M; or to life, consciousness, and form, etc. Trinities are represented in each triangle.

Regarding Path 3: Of special interest, having to do with blues …

“The third group is the strange mysterious triple group whose name must not be heard as yet within those planetary spheres whose colour blends not with the blue in just proportion. The eye through which these Lotus Lords gaze out upon the cosmic Path is outward turned. Its hue is indigo. The eye through which the middle group of Lotus Lords look up is turquoise blue, whilst the Lords of deep unmoving slumber gaze in through sapphire blue. Thus is the WAY of triple blue formed into one.”

“The first Word contains the value numerical of the synthetic indigo. … The second Word holds hid the number of the sacred blue. … The third Word holds securely sealed the key to the outer blue.

Seems to have relevance to Formula 1, and the eye of fire, the monad, being the indigo eye outward turned; the eye of vision, the soul, being the turquoise blue looking up, and the eye that knows, being sapphire blue, gazing in. As well, we can assign the

1st indigo Lotus Lords – gaze out monad/2nd eye of fire

2nd sacred blue/turquoise middle lotus lords- gaze up soul/4th eye of vision

3rd outer blue/sapphire Lords of slumber- gaze in personality/6th eye that knows

2.14.1 Blue/Indigo, Green, and Yellow/gold

The fairies of high development are blue, green and yellow.

“the blending of blue and yellow in [the 1st ss] had much to do with the production of activity” (lom 214); “blue and yellow blended result in green, and the synthetic blue or indigo dominates when the plane of harmony is reached. It leads then to the third plane of atma whereon the green of activity dominates” LOM 215

“in this primary grouping lies much of interest” blue, indigo, green and yellow

2.14.2 Blue/Indigo, Green, and Orange/gold

“Our solar system is disclosed as being: … b. Blue in colour, esoteric orange and green.”

COMMENT: Esoteric in this context may mean, past, as the orange and green were prominent in the previous solar system, and the blue is now its colour, more “exoterically” as the Solar Logos is commonly referred to as the Blue Logos.

2.14.3 Blue/Indigo, Green and rose/red
the common trinity of light: blue, green, red.

2.14.4 Blue/indigo, green, and violet/purple

2.14.5 Blue/Indigo, Yellow/Gold, and Orange/gold

Another type of blind, as touched on breifly, is to speak “in terms of the plane and not in terms of the ray” (p. 207, LOM). The example given is for the “colours of the higher or lower mind”. Excluding for the moment the use of complementary colours as blinds, let’s assume that the colour of the higher mind is Blue, and the colour of the lower mind is Orange. (LOM, page 225-226.) The colours of the 5th Ray are given in various places, and refs above, as Yellow (exoteric) and Indigo (esoteric). If we were dealing with a blind for the 5th ray therefore, we could, for example, say that Orange is the colour of the 5th Ray. (The interesting thing about this example, is that if we use the complementary colour blind, we find that the colours of the rays and of the higher and lower planes are, respectively, the complements for each other. Blue/Orange; Yellow/Indigo. Therefore, in the case of 5th Ray, if we were only dealing with the possibility of the use of complementaries as a blind, we could safely say Ray 5 is either Yellow or Indigo, esoterically. However, combining this with the blind of switching Planes and Rays, it could be Blue or Orange … To go intuitive, one could say that blue of day sky is lower mind, and indigo of night is higher mind; the day shows all the forms we live in, the night absorbs all and shows the far off worlds.

2.14.6 Blue/Indigo, Yellow/Gold, and rose/red
(EPI, p. 247)

2.14.7 Blue/Indigo, Yellow/Gold, and violet/purple

Referring to colours of the 4th cosmic ether, the buddhic plane TCF 354.

regarding path 3: “In the centre of the Cross is to be seen a five-pointed star in a deep indigo shade, and behind it is a blazing sun of a warm dark blue. Above the whole are certain Sensa characters, depicted in gold, and conveying to the initiated adept the name of one or other of the planetary Schools in which this particular line of study is undertaken. There are, as has been already said, seven such schools and candidates for this Path from our planetary scheme are transferred to the inner round and from thence to the Jupiter scheme. [VSK note: figure ‘warm dark blue’ is purple]

2.14.8 Blue/Indigo, Orange/gold, and rose/red

egoic lotus petal two

2.14.9 Blue/Indigo, Orange/gold, and violet/purple

2.14.10 Blue/indigo, rose/red, and violet/purple

relationship of blue, red, and violet is a mystery LOM 220


Through the band of violet that encircleth the Heavens passeth the globe of purple dark. It passeth and returneth not. It becometh enrapt in the blue. Three times the blue enfoldeth, and when the cycle is completed the purple fadeth and is merged into the rose, and the path again is traversed. Three the great colours in the cycle that counteth as the fourth, violet, blue and rose, with the basic purple in revolution. Four are the colours secondary in the cycle of discrimination in which the revolution taketh place. It is circled to the midmost point and somewhat passed.

Agni Yoga v, 515: 515. How can the blue fire be transmuted into purple? The tension of psychic energy will send out ruby-like arrows, and their growth will pierce the blue of consciousness.

SDI, page 125. “make a hanging … of blue, purple, and scarlet …”

Green with any other two

2.15.1 Green, yellow/gold, and orange/gold

“Yellow the band that cometh, orange the cloud that hideth, and green for vivification.” TCF, Stanza 13, p. 33)

2.15.2 Green, yellow/gold, and rose/red

2.15.3 Green, yellow/gold, and violet/purple

2.15.4 Green, orange/gold, and rose/red

2.15.5 Green, orange/gold, and violet/purple

(EPI, p. 248)

2.15.6 Green, rose/red, and violet/purple

yellow/gold with other two

2.16.1 yellow/gold, orange/gold, and rose/red

2.16.2 yellow/gold, orange/gold, and violet/purple

2.16.3 yellow/gold, rose/red, and violet/purple

“A centre of violet, orbed by yellow, melts into red. Yellow develops and protects. It ensheaths the nucleus. When you attain the significance of violet, the laws of health and magnetic alleviation will be no longer sealed. The seal is being loosed by the devas of the shadows; the yellow approaches the violet and the red progresses. The ranks approach and cooperation is possible. In loosening the seal the gateway opens. These three are the great Helpers and in Their hands lies knowledge for the next generation.”p. 765, R&I

Orange with other two’

2.17.1 orange/gold, and rose/red, and violet/purple

Any of these with black or white:


2.18.12 Black, rose and green

I have sought in the above few phrases to give the gist of what is expressed in the Commentary, through the means of a few symbols and a cryptic text. These old Scriptures are not read in the way modern students read books. They are seen, touched and realized. The meaning is disclosed in a flash. Let me illustrate:—The words "the One enunciates the word which drowns the triple sound" are depicted by a shaft of light ending in a symbolic word in gold superimposed over three symbols in

black, rose and green. Thus are the secrets guarded with care.

2.19 Some Fours

not all possible combinations are offered, just those which are specifically mentioned.

Blue/Indigo, Yellow and Orange

Blue, yellow, orange, rose

TWM, page 547: “At the four corners of the square, the four angelic … are seen. Orange they are, but veiled in rosy light. Within each form the yellow flame is seen and round each form the blue.

2.19.2. Purple, Yellow, Cream, White

& Blue, Indigo, Yellow, Violet

2.19.3. Red, Orange, Yellow and Violet

The Salamanders, or the fiery lives which can be seen by clairvoyants leaping in the flames of a furnace or of a volcano; this group can be subdivided into four groups according to colour—red, orange, yellow, and violet—the last of which approximate very closely to the devas of the fourth ether.

p. 904, TCF

2.20 Other Combinations and Patterns

Egoic lotus, sacrifice petals:

2.20.1 Petal 1: Yellow, rose, orange, green, violet

2.20.2 Petal 2: yellow, rose, orange, blue, violet

2.20.3 Petal 3: Yellow, rose, orange, indigo, blue

White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green

“THE HIDDEN PORTAL: An immense cone of fire is seen in the midst of an arid desert … Its flames have swept the country and left the desert bare. … All green things die and the dwellers on the sphere recede before its flame … White is its inner heart, red the surrounding flame, and yellow the spreading fire … Like a pall of rosy red tinged with an orange deep it veils all the distance. … From out the country full and green …”

p. 765, R&I”

blue, gold, orange, red, and white – SD I

Involutionary Colours

b—The Dark Brothers who occasionally employ these elemental forces to wreak their will and vengeance on all opponents. Under their control work sometimes the elementals of the earth plane, the gnomes and the elemental essence as found in evil form, some of the brownies, and the fairy folk of colours brown, grey and sombre-hued. They cannot control the devas of high development, nor the fairies of colours blue, green and yellow, though a few of the red fairies can be made to work under their direction. The water elementals (though not the sprites or sylphs) move on occasion to their assistance, and in the control of these forces of involution they at times damage the furtherance of our work.