Colour and Sound


… Light is an affection of the ether.

Light is to ether

As sound is to matter ...”

Sir Oliver Lodge





Sound waves travel between 331-345 meters per second

(EM) Light waves travel roughly 300 million meters per second. 


The speed of sound varies according to temperature and moisture

(slower in cold and dry gasses; faster in hot and moist and liquids).


Type of wave

Sound is a mechancial wave           Sound requires a medium (must travel in matter)

light is non-mechanical                     Light requires no medium (can travel in a vacuum)





Beware of interpreting the colour and sound as ‘octaves’ of each other.


There may have analogous relationships, but they are qualitatively different.


The behaviours of mechanical waves do have correlation to electromagnetic light waves in terms of refraction, reflection and interference.


There is nothing in exoteric science that would suggest a cause-effect relationship between sound and colour.


Humans hear sound and see colour,

devas see sound and hear colour.